Russian is the largest country in the world. Its political, economic, and cultural relations are innumerable.

Russian is the most spoken language in Europe, and the most spoken Slavic language. It’s reckoned among the most popular languages in the world and is one of six official UN languages.

We’re pleased to offer you an excellent opportunity to spend time interestingly studying Russian language and getting to know Russian history, culture, and everyday life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Saint Petersburg.

Whether you have already studied Russian in your country and now want to have a study course in a country where it is spoken or you have just started, our Russian as a Foreign language course will be adapted to your needs considering your wishes. The classes are conducted in groups of 4-8 people or individually, besides that you can combine both types of classes.

Maximum language immersion will be guided by our professional instructors-philologists (English- and Spanish-speaking). The most functional language information will be presented to you in accordance with your purposes and interests. The structure of our course includes direct application of acquired knowledge, skills and habits in a real communication with native-speakers.

Besides a large variety of educational options, we offer an extensive cultural programme. We practice individual approach, as well as encourage your initiative and are willing to help in all your own activities.


Saint Petersburg is one of the not only of Russian but world cultural centers. It was called “a window to Europe” by its founder, Russian tsar Peter the Great.

Our city was founded in 1703, and in 1721 almost for 200 years it became an imperial capital – “His Majesty Saint Petersburg”.

A huge amount of monuments were was built in the capital of Russian Empire to form splendid ensembles: a complex of the Palace Square, the Winter Palace and the General Staff Building, Saint Isaac’s and Kazan Cathedrals, The Peter and Paul Fortress, the Admiralty, the Spit of Vasilievskiy Island. Fairly rapidly worldwide-known museums, theaters, opera and ballet houses appear.

In the 20th century the name of Saint Petersburg was changed three times (Petrograd – Leningrad – Saint Petersburg). The city became a cradle of three revolutions and survived a terrible 900 day blockade. Right after the war intensive reconstruction and construction began.

Nowadays our city is a cultural capital of the country, old structures are restored and a lot of new monuments and buildings are erected.

We invite you to Saint Petersburg – the city of drawbridges and “white nights”!

We’re willing to offer you an accommodation in the city historical center. You can choose any comfort level:

  • Cosy inexpensive hotels (a single from 70 €, a double from 75 €)
  • Comfortable low-cost hostels (a sleeping place from 9 €, a room from 30 €)
  • An option to find an apartment to rent (1 or 2-room from 70 € per day)
  • For those who want some luxury – a large variety of 4 and 5 stars hotels  with enhanced quality service (a room from 90 €).

We will not only help you with accommodation, but we’ll guide fascinating tours over worldwide known places of interest of our city and its suburbs, such as State Hermitage, Russian Museum, Peterhof, Amber Room and many others. You can choose one or more of our exclusive thematic tours around non-official Saint Petersburg, e.g. “Saint Petersburg of Dostoyevsky”, “Lucky places in Saint Petersburg”, “The bars of our city”, “Modern urban sculpture” and so on. Also we can offer you to lay out any route according to your personal taste, because everybody has their “own” Saint Petersburg.

You can always make and realize any excursion by yourself, too. We’ll help you to form the route and give all the necessary information relevant to the moment of your trip.

It is also possible to organize trips to Moscow and nearby historical places (Velikiy Novgorod, Staraya Russa).


Our course is accessible to everyone, neither your proficiency in the language nor your mother tongue make matters (but however the native language is taken into consideration while teaching).

You are going to know your future instructor even before the beginning of classes. It helps to take into account student’s interests while working out a syllabus as much as possible. The instructor also leads a short on-line preparation seminar before student’s trip to Russia and upon their arrival – an orientation.
Our main principle is the maximum immersion into the Russian-speaking environment achieved through our three-component methodology described below in detail. The use of your mother tongue is minimal.

This methodology proved to be the most effective in foreign languages learning.
Teaching process is based on different methods, among which special attention is given to communicative and situation teaching. In class modern teaching materials and means of teaching are used.

A structure of the course consists in-class hours and out-of-class practice. This practice is realized in different places of our city together with the instructor.

Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) – course for beginners:
basic everyday communication in Russian. On a tight timetable you will learn how:

- to make acquaintance of someone;
- to introduce yourself and your family;
- to do the shopping;
- to order food in a restaurant;
- to tell about your hobbies;
- to describe your trips and the places where you have been.

Main course of RFL is intended for those who continue studying Russian language and want to extend their knowledge and improve their skills and habits.

Additional educational programmes. Lectures and seminars, dedicated to one or another topic out of Russian cultural space (Russian literature, Russian history, history of Saint Petersburg). According to the wishes of the audience, they can be provided in Russian, English or Spanish.

Russian language for special purposes. Studied material corresponds to student’s specific professional orientation. There is an option of studying subject you are interested in and visiting or corresponding companies.

Within any course it is possible to visit specialized institutions that function in the area of Russian language and the methodology of its teaching:
- Philological departments of Saint Petersburg State University and Saint Petersburg State Pedagogical University;
- Institute of Linguistics of Russian Academy of Science;
- Institute of Russian literature of Russian Academy of Science (Pushkin House).

On finishing the course an evaluation of work done is realized together with the instructor, then a certificate of our center with a list of studied material attaches is issued.

If you wish, you can pass State Test of Russian as a foreign language and receive an officia certificate. We’ll help you to prepare for the test and register for the examination.


Class type Duration Price
Group course 4 hours*5 days = 20 hours
(1 week)
210 €
(10,5 € per hour)
Individual course 4 hours*5 days = 20 hours
(1 week)
310 €
(15,5 € per hour)
Additional individual classes
(combined course)
from 1 to 3 hours per day 13 € per hour
Additional educational courses 2 hours*5 days = 10 hours
(1 week)
130 €
(13 € per hour)

1 hour = 45 min.

Signing up is free of charge.

Minimum course duration — 1 week. By increase of course duration a discount system takes place.

The materials are provided free of charge.
The price of city sightseeing tour is included in the course cost (in Russian/English/Spanish)

Additional services:

  • Visa support  (invitation, registration) — 50 €
  • Transfer from an airport — 30 €
  •  Additional guide service – by agreement

Contact information

Lankinen Andrey —HISPALOCUS Director
Mobile: +7 911 746-68-90


Address: 196070 Saint Petersburg, Off. 39, 165 Moskovsky pr.
Phone: 8(812)6863555

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25 мая 2021

школы Испании возобновляют свою работу

Наши испанские коллеги из Мадрида, Аликанте, Валенсии с радостью сообщают нам о возобновлении работ своих школ с 7 июня. Надеемся, что скоро и мы сможем вновь путешествовать и учиться в нашей любимой стране! 

02 марта 2021

Вспоминаем поездку на Карнавал быков

В прошлом году нам посчастливилось по приглашению наших друзей побывать на  одном из старейших национальных праздников Испании - Карнавале быков в городе Сьюдад Родриго. Это незабываемо! Надеемся, что в следующем году праздник состоится снова, и мы снова сможем вернуться в Сьюдад Родриго! А пока учим испанский язык....

14 июня 2019

Изучаем испанский летом!

В мини- группах и индивидуально. Не теряем время и готовимся к осенней сдаче экзамена DELE!

Как всегда, поможем определиться с изучением испанского в Испании и совместить " приятное с полезным"-изучение языка и отдых на испанских пляжах.

Пишите и звоните! 

09 апреля 2019

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Действительно для групп от 5 человек при помесячной оплате

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Смотрим наши видео

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